Desk Flatmate - Blue

Desk Flatmate - Blue

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Wall desk Flatmate from Müller Möbelwerkstätten, Germany.

Design: Michael Hilgers.

When closed, FLATMATE has a floor area of just 0.09 m², therefore making it probably the smallest fully equipped bureau on the market.

Due to its slim depth and sleek, unobtrusive exterior it transforms long hallways into home offices, offers an intimate place for writing letters in the bedroom or serves as a temporary workplace in a weekend home as required.

FLATMATE makes practical use of such remaining spaces, which are unsuitable for conventional furniture; due to its compact dimensions this reinterpretation of the bureau is ideal for mobile living users.

An integrated flexible interior with storage space for traditional writing utensils and iPad and Co. combines the features of a classic type of furniture with the new forms of networked living and working.

Complemented by a Bluetooth keyboard (not included) it turns the mobile tablet PC into a stationary ergonomic workspace with integrated power supply; mobile phones can be charged inconspicuously when the work surface is closed.

The glare-free lighting and concealed plug hole are put into operation with the elegant 1,80 meter long white textile cable: plug ‚n‘ work.

Behind the side flaps there is space for two 8cm wide standard- sized files, a 17“ laptop including accessories and CDs or similar; if required one of the flaps can be provided with a lock.

Width 71 cm, depth 12,2 cm (+ 1,0 cm wall distance), height 113,5.

Working surface: 71x42 cm.

Birch multiplex melamine-coated.

Colour: opaque white.

Other colours on request.