Deskstore - The Shop has been online since 1999 and the store has gone through many changes during these years.
Both our product range and website design are under constant development. By looking back in time we can see that come and go, but at the same time there are some classics that has been with us from the start and are still part of our range today.

  • What was sold by Deskstore during the first years?

It began with a range that consisted of binders and notebooks with linen covers in different colours, designed by ourselves - but the assortment grew fast.

Among the suppliers that was with us from the start were El Casco, J Herbin, Tombow, Midori, Moleskine, Folle, Rexite, Cleverline, Rotring, Agrippa, Rolodex, Gmund, Opto, Rapid, Diplomat, Emform and Wörther.







Deskstore's own designed books, paper and binders.



Moleskine notebooks was Deskstore's first success. Then Modo e Modo has just started their production of their new Moleskine version, and there were not many models to choose from, pretty much only Classic A5/A6.
Deskstore was one of the first who sold the brand, and had Moleskine customers all over the world.


Moleskine & alu pennor   

Moleskine notebooks and aliminium pens, the brand's own Van Gogh series and the notepad Reporter.


Cable Management - Cable Turtles

The Dutch product Cable Turtle has been on the list of favourites from the start. Today we have a larger selection of cable management products and the need seems to keep growing.



Red Cable Turtle Classic and black Cable Turtle Giant.


CD storage

In the beginning we sold many products related to CD storage, since people had starting burning their own CD's and the CD was also replacing the floppy disk as "backup".
There were many looking for stylish and practical products. One of the bestsellers were CD-Bago from Finnish Golla. It came in many colours and was perfect for sending a CD in. Nowaday Golla is mostly a producer of cellphone/smartphone accessories.

A real classic was our own CD binder in aluminium. It was part of our range from start and stayed long afterwards too.


Cd holders  
Golla's CD-Baggo and Deskstore's CD binder.


El Casco and Spalding

The exclusive desktop accessories from El Casco has also been with us from the beginning. Among other products a silver-grey stapler that became a favourite early on.
We sold many pens from the brand Spalding, that produced modern pens in aluminium. For instance shorter pens that would fit well in a Filofax.

We also had a big range of office accessories such as masking tape in the store.


el casco spalding  

El Casco's stapler, yellow masking tape, Spalding High-Lighter pen and a perforator, also from El Casco.


Pens etc. from Japan

There has been many Japanses products in the shop through the years.


   pennor i rör

Design pens from Tombow and black colouring pens in a tube.


Pretty and practical office products from the Japanese brand Midori, such as clips.


Herbin ink and pens from Wörther

From the French brand J Herbin we have sold ink in stylish glass bottles as well as various accessories. Also Wörther's pens, that was part of our range from the start.


Herbin Wörther  

Ink from Herbin, fountain pen and Alu Short pencil from Wörther.


Folle Denmark

From the brand Folle we have sold such things as staplers, tape holders, letter knives and book stands. Unfortunately their products are no longer made.



Folle Moma stapler, classic stapler, tape holder and letter knife.



Of course the look of the shop has also changed throughout the years. The development of our website has followed our vision, product range and technical possibillities. The picture below shows the look of 2009.