Believe it or not ...

Believe it or not ...

Believe it or not ...

The longest paper clip chain.

The longest paper clip chain had a total length of 31,57 km. It took 60 volunteers 24 hours to ut it together. The chain could then be seen at Plaza Singapura, Singapore, April 3rd 1999.


The largest ball pen collection.

Angelica Unverhau from Germany has collected 168 700 ball point pens from 137 countries. This figure excludes duplicates.


The most valuable fountain pen. 

A Japanese collector paid $218 007 in February 1988, for the “Anemone” fountain pen, made by the French company Reden. The fountain pen is encrusted with 600 precious stones and it took a team of skilled craftsmen more than a year to complete the pen.


The Fastest typist.

Stella Pajunas-Garnand from Chicago typed 216 words in one minute.


The most expensive Typewriter.

Ian Flemmings typewriter from 1952, with details in gold, was sold at Christie’s in London 1995 for £ 56 250.


The Fastest stamp licker.

Diane Sheer of London licked and affixed 225 stamps onto envelopes in a time of five minutes on August 3rd, 1997. According to The Guinness Book of Records guidelines, one stamp must be gummed securely to the top right-hand corner of each envelope. Stamps are disqualified if they are upside down.