Mobilt Kontor Bite - Bisley

Mobilt Kontor Bite - Bisley

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9 500,00 kr

Bisley Bite - Office on wheels.

ll storage needs of a small office fulfilled by one unit:

- A lid which opens up to create a mini-screen that can be specified with a bulletin board or whiteboard.

- Top Box - lockable - for laptops and other equipment

- Postal slot - for incoming correspondence

- 2 Stationary drawers for smaller objects

- 1 filing drawer for suspension pockets.

Compatiple with majority of standard desking.

Enables flexible usage of space as it can be used at any desking surface and can be stored away when needed.

Bite® is a mobile storage unit that wraps around bench desking and workstations, providing not only capacious multi-functional storage, but creating a sense of personal space within the open plan working environment.




Övrig produktinformation

Storlek Height 930 mm, Widh 428 mm, Depth 573 mm.
Material Plåt
Tillverkad i UK

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