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Skruf Glassworks - simple serene style. Hand-blown crystal.

Skruf is located in the southern part of Småland in the Kingdom of Glass. By 1897, the first glass workshop was in operation in Skruf.

Timeless and stylistically pure glass is characteristic of Skruf Glassworks. All glass here is made by hand down to the most minute detail. Tradition and fresh ideas are combined with high quality and a high level of artistic content. Much of the glass used by the Swedish Parliament and the country’s ambassadors throughout the world derives from here.

Skruf Glasbruk AB has won many design awards in Scandinavia for it´s classic and simple designs.

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Congnac 2 Glasses Clear, Skruf

295.00 kr *
 Price 395.00 kr
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Decanter / Vase Ponny, Skruf

498.00 kr *
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Vase BELLMAN Small, Skruf

395.00 kr *
 Price 519.00 kr
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Glas Bottle / Carffe 50 cl Bellman

499.00 kr *
 Price 659.00 kr
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Vase Pallo Large, Skruf

4,000.00 kr *
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Glas BELLMAN 40 cl, Skruf

260.00 kr *
 Price 360.00 kr
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459.00 kr *
 Price 610.00 kr
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Vase BELLMAN Mini, Skruf

339.00 kr *
Still in stock
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