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Hole Punch M200-CN Chrome / Black, El Casco

Product no.: M200-CN

95.00 € *
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Hole Punch Chrome M200CT El Casco

Product no.: EL-M200-CT

120.00 € *
In stock

Hole Punch M200 Gold, El Casco

Product no.: M200-L

145.00 € *
In stock

Hole punch BURO, EU standard, Lexon

Product no.: LD103G

17.00 € *
In stock

Hole punch ZENITH, EU standard, Black

Product no.: 824.031

43.00 € *
Still in stock
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Hole Punches EU Standard

EU Standard for hole-punches; 2-holes, 8 cm between the holes. For all EU contries except for Sweden.